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Or Adar - Aerial Photographer

Since I was a child I liked the open spaces and wilderness. I liked to go hiking and traveling as much as I could and to witness the remarkable landscapes and nature that our world and my country, Israel, has to offer. 


Several years ago, I entered the field of Aerial Photography. With the new capabilities of drones with an attached camera, I was able to capture a unique perspective from angles and point of view that we have never seen before. 

Since then, I have been searching for new locations and unique views that will present our world in its finest angles.

In the past few years, I am teaching Aerial Photography and enjoy sharing my knowledge and perspective with hundreds of people. I am flying and traveling all over the world to capture unique landscapes and views in order to share those exciting places with others and inspire them to travel, fly and find their new aerial perspective. 

In the past few months, I am working on the first photography book that is all dedicated to drone photography and it will be focused on the Israeli landscapes.

In parallel, I plan to present an exhibition of my aerial photos within few months.

Stay tuned... 

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